Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

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Gritty war realism set in Afganistan


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Medal of Honor is Electronic Arts' attempt to steal the initiative back from Activision's increasingly over the top Call of Duty.

Medal of Honor drags the series into the 21st century, focusing on the conflict in Afghanistan. Putting you in the boots of an elite 'Tier 1 Operator', and developed with real soldiers' assistance, this game is looking much less like a Hollywood movie than Modern Warfare.

Especially interesting is that the multiplayer part has been developed by Bad Company makers DICE and extensively beta tested, while the campaign has been EA's responsibility. The multiplayer games are between up to 24 online players, and the emphasis is on simplicity and keeping fights fast and exciting. This may not please some hardcore fans, but should keep Medal of Honor multiplayer competitive.

Medal of Honor looks like it has created its own niche between the bombastic Modern Warfare and realistic Bad Company. Whether this mix of realism and approachable gameplay will win the first person shooter wars this season, only time will tell.

Medal of Honor offers a big, chaotic and intense single player campaign alongside some very promising multiplayer modes.

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